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Data Recovery Pricing

You might have noticed some data recovery companies don't provide anything in the way of pricing. We are as upfront as possible!

The cost associated with recovering your device can vary depending on the exact set of symptoms. Once we receive your device we will determine the nature of the problem and provide you with a quotation at the earliest possible opportunity. Below are some of the many symptoms and the indicative price to recover. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

Our pricing is based on a hard drive device up to 1TB capacity. For larger capacity drives $100 per additional TB charge may apply.

Hard Drive 2.5", 3.5" Internal, Portable and External


1 Logical Fault - Light

  • Minor file system corruption i.e. asking to be formatted

  • Light head degradation

  • Light media defects (bad sectors)

From $499*

2 Logical Fault - Moderate

  • Accidental disk format

  • Virus damage

  • Moderate head degradation

  • Moderate media defects (bad sectors)

From $599*

3 Logical Fault - Heavy

  • Accidental disk format

  • Virus damage

  • Heavy head degradation

  • Heavy media defects (bad sectors)

From $699*

3 Logical Fault (firmware damage)

  • Firmware corruption/damage

From $699*

4 Electrical Fault

  • Printed circuit board fault

From $790*

5 Physical Fault - Cleanroom Repair

  • Stuck heads (stiction)

From $849*^

6 Physical Fault - Cleanroom Repair

  • Heavily degraded/worn R/W heads

From $1,050*^

7 Physical Fault - Cleanroom Repair

  • Stuck/seized motor spindle

From $1,350*^

8 Disaster Recovery

  • Submersed in flood water

  • Submersed in salt water

  • Fire damage

  • Other man-made or natural disaster damage

Call for Quote

9 RAID Recovery

  • We recover the majority of RAID systems

    • Call for Quote

Flash Based Devices - USB Flash Drive / Pen / Memory Stick / SD, SD Micro, MMC, XD cards up to 64GB. Larger capacities may attract additional charges.

1 Logical Fault - asking to be formatted, accidental format, accidental deletion

From $240

2 Physical Fault (PCB repair)- physical bend, loose USB header, cracked casing

From $350

3 Physical Fault (Chip-off)- smashed casing, damaged PCB, burnt, water damaged

From $600+

High priority recoveries required within 24-72hrs may attract an additional $350.00 up-front charge

* Parts/Donor Drives and new drives for recovered data are additional cost

^ Non-refundable opening fee of $275.00 included in price above. Upfront payment required


Note: prices above are indicative as cases may involve one or more of the conditions listed above. In these cases an individual quote can be provided. Booking fee payable at time of booking. Delivery fees are not included in the prices above. This price schedule may be subject to change without notice. For any inquiries please email or call 0487 684 963 to request a quote. GST will not be collected on sales as our revenue does not exceed the limit stipulated by the ATO.

Payment methods:

Cash (our preferred method)

Visa, MasterCard & American Express (*attracts additional 2% processing fee)

EFTPOS cards (*attracts additional 2% processing fee)

Prices effective as of 18/10/2023.

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