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Client Terms and Conditions

  • The client hereby confirms that he or she is the owner of the device for recovery

  • The client hereby authorises DRA or their contractor to produce copies of their data for the purposes of the data recovery process 

  • The client is financially responsible for all postage or shipping costs

  • The client understands devices can fail at any time even whilst in the possession of Data Recovery Angels (DRA) and shall not hold DRA liable for any such failure

  • The client understands that data recovery can never be guaranteed

  • In no event will DRA or their contractor, be held liable by the client or any third party for any loss of data, damage to the device, loss of revenue, or any other consequence of the service provided

  • DRA agrees to keep client data private and confidential in accordance with privacy laws. Any child pornography found will be reported to law enforcement as required by law.

  • The No Data, No Charge guarantee does not include any components purchased for the recovery or any examination fee charged (if applicable)

  • Any client data not claimed within one (1) month will be permanently deleted unless prior arrangements are made with DRA

  • Any property left with DRA by the client may be disposed of, destroyed or recycled within three (3) months of receipt by DRA

  • Once data recovery is completed the original patient hard drive or other storage device may be recycled for parts to assist in recoveries. Client personal data will be destroyed prior.

  • Payment is due in full prior to release of any data or device

  • DRA reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time with this page serving as the most current document.

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